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Watch live cricket match

People in Pakistan want to watch cricket matches live but they do not know where to watch them. They might download a lot of apps but they are not working. We will tell you the easiest way you have to follow the steps and watch live matches without any problem. There are apps but if you do not have those apps and they are not working on your mobile so you need to have Facebook on your mobile so you do not face any problems while watching the match. You do not need to download anything and you must have internet. This is all you need and you can watch live matches here.

Facebook is an app where you can watch different videos. People will telecast matches on their pages. They will ask you to follow their page and you will be able to watch the free match. You need to search in the search bar for live cricket matches between different teams and it will be shown in front of you. You can watch all matches live and if you feel the broadcasting is finished you can go to other pages to watch it live.

  • You need to have internet.
  • It is free of cost.
  • You need to search in the search bar.

Facebook is very common app and it is present in every mobile. you have to open and search for match and enjoy it for free.


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