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Rekhta Urdu Dictionary – in Urdu

Urdu is a very important language for us. We are having this language as our national language. We are in touch with this in school but we are now concentrating on English and almost we speak the wrong Urdu and we are forgetting it. We speak English in our school and we have all the courses in English and the importance of this language is less now. We need to revive this Urdu language otherwise we will be unable to speak this language after some years. We have to find a dictionary that will translate the difficult word for you and you will be able to speak Urdu fluently and will know the meaning of the word that is difficult with help of this dictionary.

Rekhta is the dictionary that will translate you the word you provided to this dictionary and it will not just tell you in Urdu but also in English. This is a trilingual dictionary and is the largest dictionary that contains almost every word. It is very necessary for our national language. It has the pronunciation of those words too that you provided to them. It will tell you about the history of the world and you will be able to understand the word because it translated that word into three languages.

  • It has 4.5 stars.
  • It has 6k reviews.
  • It is downloaded by 100k people.
  • It is a trilingual dictionary.
  • It is free of cost.

This app can be easily installed on your device. You can have words meanings and a lot of features.


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