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Do you need a complete list of products to stock in your new Kirana store? Get off your rummaging! To get you started, we’ve included a printable PDF of the full list of things sold at Kirana stores in Hindi.

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The Importance of Having a Complete List of Items While Shopping at a Kirana Store
Downloadable PDF of Kirana store inventory
Common Queries

Learning about Kirana shops
Family-run businesses, like kiranas, place a premium on getting to know their clients on a personal level. Kirana shops, in contrast to supermarkets, are small and specialise in selling just the most popular and often used products. The establishments in question are known for their friendly staff and individualised service.

Third, remember how vital it is to have a complete inventory.
Store owners of Kiranas must have a detailed inventory list to satisfy the needs of their clientele. Without a list, shopkeepers run the risk of running out of stock on must-have items, forcing dissatisfied consumers to look elsewhere. Also, with a list in hand, shopkeepers may better control their stock and prevent either an excess or a shortage of any given item.

Downloadable PDF of Kirana product catalogue in Hindi
Below is a detailed list of everything a Kirana shop needs to sell, presented in Hindi.

दूध उत्पाद (Dairy goods) (Dairy products)

  • दूध (Milk) (Milk)
    पनीर (Paneer) (Paneer)
    दही (Yogurt) (Yogurt)
    मक्खन (Butter) (Butter)
    घी (Ghee) (Ghee)
    अनाज उत्पाद (Grain goods) (Grain products)

(Rice) (Flour) (Oats) (Lentils)
(Semolina) “(Refined flour)” (Spices)

  • हल्दी (Turmeric) (Turmeric)
    लाल मिर्च पाउडर (Red chilli powder) (Red chilli powder)
    धनिया पाउडर (Coriander powder) (Coriander powder)
    जीरा (Cumin seeds) (Cumin seeds)
    गरम मसाला (Garam masala) (Garam masala)
    स्नैक्स (Snacks) (Snacks)
  • नमकीन (Savory nibbles) (Savory snacks)
    चिप्स (Chips) (Chips)
    बिस्किट (Biscuits) (Biscuits)
    What is the meaning of the word “” (Namakpare)? (Sweets)
  • गुड़ (Jaggery) (Jaggery)
    चीनी (Sugar) (Sugar)
    नमकीन लड़्डू (Salty ladoo) (Salty ladoo)
    मिठाई (Sweets) (Sweets)
    बेकरी उत्पाद (Bakery goods) (Bakery products)

1. Set the Stage
Kirana stores can be found in almost any city or town in India. Groceries, toiletries, snacks, and beverages are just some of the staples that people can find at these shops. Despite rising competition from e-commerce sites, most Indians still prefer to shop at their neighbourhood Kirana.

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