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Candy Crush Saga

You might play many games. That will help you to spend your time. You will find many games in the play store. We will tell about those games which are played worldwide. They are like most people. You might have been through that game but you still do not install that one. We are here to tell you about that game. It will kill your time and you will enjoy this game. The game is candy crush. It is played worldwide and is very popular among the people. If you want to kill your time you must install this game. We will explain in detail how you can play this game.

This game is played by matching three candies. When you matched them they will award you points. When you matched the required candies that level will be up. It will become difficult. You need to think a lot when you play this game. When you think quickly you will be rewarded and you get more points than you think. When you perform matching candies quickly you will get a chance to finish rows at one time. That will reward you with more points. As you go with a high level you will get more points and you have to think quickly.

  • It has 4.5 stars.
  • It is reviewed by 32 million people.
  • It is downloaded by 1 billion people.

This game is easily available in play store. It can be installing in any device. This game does not require huge space and it will take some MB and you will be able to play it.


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