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ABC News – Us and World news

Everyone wants to know about the news. People watch it on Facebook that are some false and people pass false news. You have to be very careful while passing any news. People pass to other and they spread it and which is not good for society. You must have authentic source when you pass any news. This is very easy and you have to follow some steps. You have to not believe on social media and install some authentic source. Today we are telling about such apps that are authentic and will share the authentic news and you can pass it to others. It is recommended to you and you have to install it.

ABC news is the app that shares the authentic news and you can watch short videos and attest news with you. You can watch the headline every hour and will be aware about the world. You can open it and read all the news and watch that in a short video too. This app has operated in US but it will provide news across the world. They will tell you about business, latest news, sports and weather. You can watch the live stream of the news.

  • It has 4.1 stars.
  • It has 22k reviews.
  • It is downloaded by 5 million people.

This can be easily downloaded from play store. You can installed on you device and now the latest news about the world.


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